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Pottery Painting Party: Having an Angelo's pottery party at home is fun and easy. We can accommodate any size group.

For the cost of the pottery pieces, you can take them home, let them paint, play and party and then bring them back for us to fire.  We will provide a to-go kit with paint, brushes, palettes, and of course, pottery that you have chosen in advance.  You can add a memory plate for $20 or upgrade the memory piece to a picture frame or Piggy Bank for an additional fee. The party piece is decorated and personalized by our artists.

Special requests: Of course, we can accommodate. Just let us know at least 2 weeks in advance what you would like for us to have available. We will order it in for you

You have complete control over your spending this way. 

The pieces are packaged together 1 week after the party and picked up by the party host.
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