Having a party at Angelo's is fun and easy.  We can accomodate groups of 6 to 30.  The party room fee is $30 and pays for a sign for the honored guest, balloons, privacy, and a memory plate designed and finished by one of our artists. ($30 fee is due 5 days before the party date.)  Upgrade to a picture frame, piggy bank, or another item in our store if you wish.  Just consult the artist.

Reserve in advance:  Our room is popular and can be booked solid for weeks ahead.  Click on "Book It Now" and check availability with no obligation, of call 243-0886 and ask for availability.

Costs:  Just pay for the price of the individual pieces painted by each party.  The pieces are packaged together and delivered to the party host. During a party receive $1 off of all pieces priced under $15 and $2 off of pieces $15 and up! (This only applies to items $8 and up.)

Adult mixers are a BLAST at Angelo's.  Call to see what we can arrange for you.  Check out our "Gather with Friends" option for party room fun without plate or interference.  You bring the refreshments, beverages, and company for a nominal fee of $20. You get the privacy of our party room. Close out the world and "hang out" with your friends.  Choose "Gather with Friends" button at the top of the page to check it out!

Canvas parties for kids are available on 8X10 Flat canvases for $12 per kid, $30 fee for an artist to teach the group, & 30 Party Room Fee.  Party room includes a memory piece from the studio.                

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