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A Blog of Many Colors
Written by Lorena
Angelo's is more than a pottery studio - it is a family of people who come together and create memories for and with one another.  Some of these memories are quite intentional - others are absolutely accidental.  Many of these memories are beautiful, although at times, they can be touching, thoughtful, even a little sad - we have experiences that run the gamut of emotions. 
        We are more than a pottery studio - we are members of our greater community.  For this year, we will post a weekly blog that shares with you our perspectives, our thoughts, our memories, and the wisdom that we have gained from our interactions with this family -- this community.
        This will serve as an introduction of the bloggers and their ties to the Angelo's team and family.
        This will be our blogging team.  Our stories may resonate with some of you more than with others, but we hope to enrich your memories with some of our own.  Please respond to our blog either on our Facebook messenger of by email at <>
        Look for our first blog entry will be from Lyndsay next week.
January 28, 2018
Moments and Memories
Butterflies are Free to Fly . . . Fly Away
Written by Lorena

        "Sister loved butterflies."  This was the introduction that the Angelo's team had to one of our favorite families.  Every year for the last five years, we get a call to book the party room.  The first call, received in 2012, was very emotional - for all of us.  This family wanted to get together and paint in honor of "Sister" who had passed away.  They wanted to paint, to talk, to reflect, and to remember a woman who was so important to all of them.
        The first year they each painted butterflies.  Sister had loved butterflies.  We ordered the winged creatures in for them.  Each of the butterflies was an individual reflection of each family member's memory of Sister.  Some of them were fun, some were beautiful, some brought tears to our eyes as we glazed and fired them.  All of them reflected love and memories, and this remains a beautiful moment for the staff in our studio.  Megan, the artist on duty that first year, was so touched by this family that she volunteered to do something special for their memory plate. It was a beautiful memento.
        That first year, we thought sadly that it would be the only time we came into contact with this lovely family.  But this was not the case.  We have now had five years with them.  "Sister" and the butterfly family have become a yearly encounter that we look forward to every fall and early winter.  They don't all paint a butterfly any longer, but they meet here and eat, and laugh, and cry, and remember "Sister."  As a studio, we look forward to this reunion as well.  Sister left a legacy of love that we have all been fortunate to share in.
Lessons in Art and Everything Else
A Blog
February 12, 2018
Moments and Memories
Fridays, Friends, and Family
Written by Lorena

        According to Elton John, "Friday nights are alright for fighting" - but not at Angelo's.   Friday nights are perfect for bonding, sharing and painting.  We have had many groups of women and men who come in on Fridays to relax after a grueling week of keeping up with their real jobs.  One group that stands out for us is the "Friday Night Girls."   These women have been gathering every Friday evening in one form or another for about 7 years.  There are different forms of this group.  Some Fridays, there have been 9 or 10 of them, some Fridays 2 or 3, and some Fridays a lone girl will sit and paint in solitude and quiet, not bothered by the lack of conversation.

Over 8 years ago a special woman rolled into our old Angelo's building.  She had never been there before, but she brought her grand-children to paint.  They splashed paint on their pieces, but while they rushed to finish, Jenn spent that time falling in love with glazes and color and pottery and painting.  She returned week after week, experimenting with color, texture, and design.  Jenn quickly became one of the Angelo's family and one of our favorite people.  It didn't take long for her to become a favorite of others as well.  She just can't help herself.  If someone was doing something cool, Jenn would go over and ask about it.  She would comment; she would ooze praise; she would make friends.  People began to show up to paint with her, talk with her, and enjoy time with her.   She would invite her friends from work and family.  These new friends invited friends, and they became a predictable and minor phenomenon in our studio.

This is a diverse group of women (and occasionally men) who have all manner of jobs and backgrounds.  Many of them have come to know, support, and love one another in our studio.  Pottery is the least of why they are there.  They will often choose a piece and spend weeks finishing it, taking their time because the company is more important than the pottery. They share a pot luck dinner at Angelo's every year just before Christmas.  They talk about everything and nothing.  They laugh, cry, celebrate, and mourn with one another.  We have lost a couple of girls over the years and still miss them and talk about them. We have watched many of the others struggle and watched their lives change.  The support they offer one another is nothing short of fantastic.

The Friday Night Girls are not customers only - they become friends and family.